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The Bright Green Approach™

First, your BrightGreen Team reviews your green building project with you. In our first meeting, we’ll sit down, pour a cup of coffee (or tea, if you like), and discuss your project in detail. We’ll review the plans and design, understand your scope, constraints, and listen closely to your vision for the project.

Next, we use our RightCertification™ process to determine which certification program, and corresponding energy efficient solutions, will best suit your needs, constraints, and goals. There are different green building certifications, each with its own set of requirements. We’ll explain exactly what’s involved in each program and help you find a realistic match. Everyone can build green—but if you are a home builder working on a custom home, your scope will be different from an affordable housing developer building a 200 unit multi-family building. We get that difference, and will design your strategy according to your specific situation.

Depending on your needs and how much “coaching” you want, we can work with you like a private trainer works with an athlete or be more like a tour guide getting you from point A to point B. We do this by setting up an initial meeting to gauge your needs. For example, if this is your first green building project, we would spend more time with you upfront so you understand all the options available to you, what makes sense to pursue, what might be more challenging (and probably more costly) to where an innovation might be warranted. If you need something researched to come to a decision, for example knowing the cost and size of installing a solar hot water system, we can support you in finding the answer. We can review your building specifications to see if they meet a particular green building criteria and suggest specifications that should be included in your documents.

Maybe you need a pre-construction meeting with your subcontractors to make sure they understand what the requirements for the project will be. We can provide that as well.

We will track your progress through email, site visits through out construction, phone calls and conference calls. We will use whichever form of communication suits you best. As your project moves along, we update checklists and create “to do” lists to keep you on track. We can also set you up on our Basecamp FTP site, similar to LEED online, for uploading documents, creating milestones and scheduling with this online tracking tool. You will be working with a certified green building professional through out the process.

Ultimately, you’ll have found the right balance between affordability and impact—and had a team on your side to help you achieve it. By building green you are choosing to “do the right thing” and move towards greater sustainability and a forward thinking approach. Your Bright Green Team makes sure that your efforts will be directed towards the most cost-effective and impactful outcomes.

We’re Highly Qualified

Photo Credit: Architecture by Carver+Schicketanz, Photography by Robert Canfield Photography

At Bright Green Strategies, we bring over 20 years of experience in energy efficient
building design and planning. We’ve worked on thousands of energy efficiency projects
in the Monterey and San Francisco Bay Area. Since 1992, we have completed over 5000 energy calculations and helped over 250 green building projects achieve certification through LEED, GreenPoint Rated, and Energy Star programs. Bright Green Strategies has advised clients across California, and we have helped certify well over 1,000,000 square feet of new green construction.

We Specialize in Affordable Housing

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Our specialty at Bright Green Strategies is in guiding multi-family and affordable housing projects through the LEED or GreenPoint Rated process. We prefer to focus on large-scale projects, because we understand the complexities of not only the technical elements, but the human elements as well. Managing a green building development can be like conducting an orchestra—many instruments, personalities, and roles—but we know how to bring you, your team, and all of your stakeholders together on the same page.