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LEED for Homes Projects

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Tah-Mah-Lah, Portola Valley
Certified LEED for Homes Platinum

Beyond sustainable, in an ideal world, every house would be environmentally regenerative, seamlessly integrating into its ecosystem, highly efficient, producing more energy than it consumed, restoring habitat, saving and re-purposing water, reducing and reusing waste, reclaiming materials, eliminating its own and its occupants’ total carbon footprint (including transportation). The Portola Valley Residence does just this and more. It is certified LEED for Homes Platinum with 122.5 pts, which is the highest ratings to date.

Here is a summary of features:

  • Durability – 100 years or more. Earthquake safety comparable to schools & hospitals.
  • Super-efficient Serious Windows (formerly Alpen) R-20 center-of-glass, overall performance of units from R-7.8 to R-14.1.
  • FSC or reclaimed wood for entire project, interior and exterior.
  • 100% reclaimed or salvaged stone for interiors and landscape. No newly quarried stone.
  • Recycled metals for door and window hardware, railings, roof.
  • Zero painted surfaces (low- or no-VOC finishes where required for durability).
  • No PVC onsite (except for certain small parts where alternatives not available).
  • Deconstruction of existing home for reuse on site and in new home construction, with remainder recycled.

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GreenPoint Rated Projects

Photo Credit: Mid Peninsula Housing

Main Street Village Apartments, Fremont
64 units of affordable housing, Certified 218 points

This recently completed project has the highest GreenPoint Rated scores to date, with a total of 218 points. The two buildings contain 64 units of affordable housing and have exceeded Title-24 energy efficiency standards by 49%.

Some of the green features of this project are: water efficient plumbing fixtures, Energy Star Appliances, a photovoltaic system, solar hot water heating, Bay Friendly Landscape Certified, Low Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) paints and adhesives. This project located in the heart of Fremont is within half a mile of many neighborhood services, which encourages walking, cycling, and supporting the local economy.

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