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Residential Services

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Through our project review process, we quickly assess whether your current construction practices will meet LEED for Home, Energy Star, or GreenPoint Rated status. We will then work with you from the beginning of construction to the end, providing as much assistance as you need to implement your desired level of green building. We will keep you abreast of new legislation affecting building practices as well as energy incentives and tax rebates, and keep you up to date with the latest construction trends. RightCertification™ includes testing and verification that your finished project indeed meets standards.

Optimized Energy Modeling/Building Integration

There are different shades of green—and the brighter you go, the more you contribute to being part of the climate change solution. We’ll help you get to where you want to go by giving you the most cost-effective energy options, depending on whether you want to meet Utility and Solar rebate incentives or go for a Zero energy home. We work within your constraints, while shooting for the highest possible outcomes.

Home Performance Testing

Our whole-house testing services will help you evaluate the energy efficiency of your building as well as determine if it meets the compliance standards for California Title-24, Energy Star New Homes and/or LEED for Homes. If your building doesn’t, we’ll diagnosis the problem and recommend which corrective improvements need to made. Meeting these efficiency goals not only reduces utility bills for the lifetime of the residence, but also increases the indoor air quality, making the building healthier, more comfortable and durable.

Bright Green Design Charrette™

A Bright Green Design Charrette™ will align your Project team with the sustainability goals of the project. Most design and construction is done in a “linear” fashion which does not allow much room for change. By having all the key players involved during design development and beyond, the charrette can help integrate building systems and practices so that construction will not only move more smoothly but it allows for new ideas and practices to be incorporated. It creates an opportunity to think “outside the box” which is a necessary ingredient of Green Building. A Bright Green Design Charrette™ plays an integral part toward meeting and exceeding your project sustainability goals.

Trades Training

As part of any Green Building process, getting all the trades on board can be a challenge. Bright Green Strategies provides training tailored to the needs of the construction team. This way no one is left in the dark.

Energy Audits for Multi-family Buildings

Bright Green Strategies provides Energy Audits and reporting to building owners seeking to make energy upgrades to their existing buildings. For more information about Energy Upgrade rebates, please see Energy Upgrade Portal for PG&E.

Non-Residential Services

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Building Integration/Daylight Studies

For High Performance Schools, daylight modeling in conjunction with energy modeling will assist designers in evaluating architectural features for daylighting and the lighting and mechanical systems that will most complement the overall design.

In case the descriptions above didn’t meet your specific needs, below is a comprehensive list of our sustainable building services:

  • LEED for Homes certification (Silver, Gold, Platinum)
  • Build It Green – GreenPoint Rated certification
  • Energy Star New Homes certification
  • EPA Indoor Air Plus
  • California Multi-Family New Homes HERS Verification
  • New Solar Homes Partnership – Photovoltaic System Performance Verification
  • Optimized Energy Modeling to exceed Title-24 Energy Efficiency Standards for all green building certification programs as well as Utiity rebate programs.
  • Home Energy Performance Testing – Duct testing, infiltration testing, and combustion backdraft safety testing.